Fleet Management.

The only Fleet management software that allows you to pay for what you need rather than one size fits all.

Some Features

Endless features.

Fuel Saving

55% of fleets reported fuel cost saving.

Safer Fleet

42% fewer safety incidents after starting using fleet tracking software.

Speed control

Control speeding records. Alerts can be set to inform management of any over speeding.

More Features

The Future of smart software

The Law

All Trucks in the US must have trackers and this law is coming to Canada very soon.

Statistics is King

Get accurate results where the spending is with intuitive and informative Management dashboards and reports.

Route Planning

Our software will give you the most efficient and fastest route no matter how many stops on the way

Options that fit your needs

Personal Trackers

Family Tracker 

  • Plug and play option (Watch, bracelet, collars)
  • Children, Bikes, Cars, Pets
  • No customization needed.
  • Full Support Available.

Medium Size

Small Companies
(Monthly subscription option)

  •  Perfect for small fleets
  • Snowplows, Landscape, Construction
  • Management Training
  • Turn Key Installation


Corporate Enterprise (subscription or Own it outright)

  • Own it completely
  • Software support when needed
  • Installation and Training.
  • Endless Integration options: ERP, Payroll, etc.