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Manage Teams, Sales, production, eCommerce and Websites.

Productivity. Efficiency. Control.

Affordable Software for all

Efficient and productive management software is no longer a privilege for big organizations alone. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or ready to grow. We hope we can help.

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Scalable to any size business

If you have one employee with 10 customers or 1000 employees with 20,000 customers. Our software grows with you when you need it. It is Fully integrated with blasting speed.

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What Condi Group offers

Customer Solutions

Bring your software ideas to life.

Management dashboards

With our dashboards there will be no need to export to excel for the basic analysis. We can provide any visual dashboard you need.

Custom software.

If out of the box will not do, we can custom design Apps to give you exactly what you need.

Data Migration

We will migrate your data and give you a solutions for years to come. You will manage and give you seamless uninterupted upgrades.

Odoo Business solutions

The Greatest ERP in the world

Scalable software Solutions

Odoo software is a good for a one person as well as a 100 person use.

Connection everywhere

whether you have resident staff or on the move sales, delivery and maintenance, there is no limits as to what data is available to all.

Integrated apps.

With 20 core apps and over 20,000 extra apps there is asolution for everything without having to juggle between different platforms.

What our customers say