About us

Management consultants delivering from our own industrial experience. 

Manufacturing, ERP, and GPS tracker solutions.

Seasoned manufacturing managers with 15+ years of expertise.

Experienced ERP developers with a decade of industry knowledge.

GPS tracker solutions leveraging premium hardware and software for optimal performance.

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Odoo ERP

 When it comes to providing a comprehensive solution, we often recommend Odoo ERP for small to medium businesses. 

We are big fans of it and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our clients see the value and return on investment.

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GPS Trackers

Whether you want to handle a fleet of 1000 vehicles or just a couple of family cars, we've got you covered.

Our commercial packages include full installation, customization, and training for businesses to efficiently manage and conduct thorough business analysis.

For personal use, our easy-to-use tracking device can immobilize your vehicle or monitor your child's or mechanic's driving habits hassle-free.

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